Aim High was founded by Katie Tempest and Ruth Roberts in 2012. We met whilst working for the Youth Offending Service and discovered a shared frustration with how inflexible services for children and young people can be. Whilst we have followed similar career paths- both working in youth work, with young offenders, and later in children’s social work- we recognized that we each have unique skills which could really benefit children and families in difficult situations. Our partnership began by focusing on children who exhibit sexually harmful behaviours, and has grown to include assessments of adults, including adults who have offended, and whose children are at risk of being taken into care. We also offer some parenting services, such as one to one sessions focusing on how parents can better meet their children’s needs.


Our company ethos is rooted in our value base; we believe that everyone has a right to be treated fairly and with respect, and that children and families are the experts in their own lives. We believe that, unless they are at risk of harm, all children have a right to grow up within their birth family and our aim is to support parents and carers to make this possible.

We work in a way which is honest, open, and tackles difficult issues directly, giving parents and carers the best opportunity to make any changes needed to enable them to look after their children. When we do not think it is safe for children to be at home, we say this clearly, giving clear reasons. We help parents identify changes they could make which could make things safer at home.


We also believe that, when children exhibit behaviours which could hurt other people, especially sexual behaviours, it is really important that they are able to access a high quality assessment. This can help understand the reasons for the behaviours, and work can then be done to help keep the child, and other children, safe.


As a very small company we do not use offices, but normally visit children and families at home, or sometimes in a hired public venue. As an average service, if we were asked to complete an assessment of parenting and some parenting work, a family could expect around six sessions of observations and discussions to be completed as part of the assessment. We would then make some recommendations as to what is working well, what we are worried about, and what parents need to do to make things better for their children. We might then do some sessions of parenting advice and support ourselves, or recommend a local group or parenting course. We would then come back and review the assessment after a short period of time, to see if any changes had been made. An assessment of a child whose behaviour is worrying or risky would also follow the same type of format.


We aim to be approachable and easily contactable by the people we work with. As we are such a small company, we have the advantage of getting to know everyone we work with really well.


For further information regarding our services, including costs, please contact us.