Aim High can complete risk assessment, intervention planning, and risk management formulation for children and young people who exhibit sexually harmful behaviours. We are experienced youth justice practitioners, who have undertaken the full AIM2 model training in assessment and intervention, and worked extensively in the field.

We are able to complete assessments for the following purposes:

  • For young people sentenced to Referral Orders
  • To assist in preparing pre-sentence reports, which we are also able to complete if required
  • For assessments of dangerousness, where a grave crime has been committed
  • Assessments of risk where there is no criminal justice involvement

In addition we are able to provide a full AIM2 report detailing the level of assessed risk, level of supervision required and making recommendations in respect of:

  • Intervention planning
  • Risk management
  • Measures required to safely maintain young people in education, training or employment
  • Safeguarding recommendations in respect of potential victims