These assessments focus on adult males who have sexually offended against children. We are able to offer a comprehensive assessment of the subject, in respect of risk that he will further abuse any child, and specifically address the issues of risk in relation to any children within the family home.

In order to complete this we consider all relevant information in relation to the offence, the victim, perpetrator and the family as a whole.

We usually need to interview the subject for approximately eight hours in total (over one to two sessions), and these discussions will encompass his personal history; relationship and family history; sexual history; and perceptions of the offence and victim. This will allow for the consideration of the following factors relating to risk of recidivism:

 Developmental risk factors: For example:

·   Attachment difficulties

·   Previous experiences of abuse

 Static risk factors: For example:

·   Previous convictions

·   Number of convictions or allegations of offending

 Stable dynamic risk factors: For example:

·   Pro-offending beliefs and attitudes

·   Deviant sexual arousal

·   Need for intimacy

·   Lack of victim empathy

Acute dynamic risk factors: For example:

·   Access to children

·   Substance misuse

In our conclusions, we utilise evidence-based models and theories within this domain.