The AIM2 assessment model is an evidence based framework rooted in the most recent research into why young people exhibit sexually harmful behaviours. The framework was initially based on Morrison’s (2000) adaptation of work by Ryan (1999) to develop a continuum of responses ranging from early community based intervention with low risk cases to intensive work with the most high risk groups, often in out-of-home settings.

The framework recognises that sexual exploration and experimentation are a normal part of childhood and adolescent development, there are situations in which children and young people are sexually harmed by other children and young people. The primary objective of all work with children and young people who display sexually harmful behaviour must be the protection of victims and the prevention of a repetition of the sexually harmful behaviour.

The reasons why children and young people sexually harm are multi-faceted and as such the assessment takes a holistic approach, identifying strengths and concerns in both static and dynamic factors. The AIM2 model is clearly linked to Youth Justice Board’s ASSET and ASSET Risk of Serious Harm and the Department of Health Core Assessment Framework  As such it provides an excellent basis for multi-agency planning and review.

The AIM  model has been developed and remains the property of G-map ( with whose permission we work.